Welcome Back Mister Starnes is available now


Welcome Back Mister Starnes, book two in the Morgan Crossroads Series is now available in eBook and paperback. You can learn more about it and buy it now here. It is available from most eBook platforms and is available in paperback most places where books can be ordered.

It took me longer to write the second book than I planned or anticipated, but it is here now. Any book in the Morgan Crossroads series will stand alone, but Welcome Back Mister Starnes is a natural followup to Long Time Coming, book one in the series.

Readers will come away from Welcome Back Mister Starnes better acquainted with Morgan Crossroads, Alabama and its residents. You’ll come to know Dora Mae Crawford, editor of The Whipper County Gazette better. And a former resident of Morgan Crossroads returns.

I hope you enjoy every book in the Morgan Crossroads series. I have started book 3 and promise to make better time finishing it than I did with the first two.