Morgan Crossroads Votes Against Trying to Having Christmas Parade

Jun 22, 2021

Occasionally Dora Mae Crawford, publisher of The Whipper County Gazette allows us to reprint one of her articles in which she reports what she believes has occured in Morgan Crossroads, Alabama. This article is one of those.

In an impromptu meeting today at Lucy’s Cafe, Henry Brown, Marcella Garrison, Eva Jo Clomper, Polly Brown, and several others voted not to try to have a parade this year at Christmas time.

For more than twenty years the residents of Morgan Crossroads, Alabama have tried to have a parade to celebrate the Christmas season. There hasn’t been a parade of any kind in Whipper County since 1964 when the old high school’s football team won a game.

According to Henry Brown, the number of people that would be required to “pull off a parade” outnumbered the potential viewers by a sizable margin. The decision was made to save the trouble of thinking of a way to have a parade at a time when everyone is consumed with figuring out how big a turkey to cook and such concerns as that.

Personally, I believe having a parade would be a much simpler undertaking than pulling off that yard sale fund raiser that Ollie Smith dreamed up. However, as an impartial reporter, it is my responsibility to report the news as I believe it happened.

As a matter of transparency in reporting, I voted in favor of trying to have a parade as a way of showing the world that Morgan Crossroads is alive and well. However, I was apparently the only person in attendance who appreciated the importance of trying to have the parade. Being out-numbered, I gave in and let them have their way.