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You may see links to websites, products, or services other than my own on  When you do, rest assured that I recommend only those products that I believe to be good quality and that represent value for the price paid. However, you should remember that no two people are alike and that our needs and ideas about products may differ. A product that is great for another person may or may not be suitable at all for your unique needs. In the case of educational products such as writing-related courses, you should remember that one person may learn best using a given method while another person learns best using a different method. Always do your own research before you purchase any product, no matter where you find it or from whom you buy it.

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Material Connection

This web site is supported by income from the sale of my books and certain products or services that I recommend, as well as certain affiliate programs which allow us to earn a commission when a person makes a purchase through a link to that product from this website. Unless stated otherwise, you should assume that there exists an affiliate connection between Tom Buford ( and the providers of the external products and services displayed. This is not always the case. There is no ownership connection between me or this website and any other company whose products are mentioned or advertised on this website.  When you click on links or ads to various product sites that are discussed on this web site, then proceed to make a purchase, this can result in our earning a commission just as any other business whose income is derived from commissions on referrals or on products sold. Those affiliate programs may be part of a network such as Commission Junction, Share A Sale, Clickbank, or individual programs maintained by the particular vendor such as You will pay no more for a product through my links than you would if you went directly to the company in question.

Good Faith Recommendations

If I recommend products and services, I do so based on a good faith belief that such products or services will help the person obtaining them. I have a good faith belief, because I have either tried the products or services prior to making any recommendations, or I have researched the products or services based on the supplier’s history. The recommendations I make about the products or services are honest opinions based on facts known to me at the time a product or service is mentioned on the website.

I may or may not have paid for the product that I reviewed. My comments about any product other than mine are not determined by the fact that I might have received the product without charge. Neither are they determined by the presence or absence of an affiliate agreement with the product vendor. I will never tell you that I have personally used a product when in fact I have not. I will NEVER take payment specifically in exchange for a glowing review of any vendor’s product. If I have used a product and I believe a certain aspect of that product could be improved, I will tell you, regardless whether or not I paid for the product and regardless whether or not I have an affiliate agreement with that company. I will not compromise my integrity for a sake of a few dollars. If I believe, after doing my own research, that a product is not worth your investment, I will not recommend it to you. It’s that simple.


You may see testimonials on about products that are not my own. In such cases, I have conducted all steps possible to verify the testimonials. They are treated as average user expectations based on the information that was available at the time of publishing them. I do not knowingly publish any testimonials which are exaggerations of user results. If the testimonial comes to me via a third party, I make every attempt to confirm their authenticity. If a claim sounds untrue then I regard this as such and do not publish it on this website.

Where extracts have been displayed from other reviewers, forum posts, and otherwise user comments, these are in no way indicative of any kind of verifiable results. All visitors are strongly cautioned to conduct their own due diligence prior to making a purchase displayed on this site.

I reserve the right to withdraw the display of any product or service that does not reach my very high levels of satisfaction without any prior notice.


As previously stated, whenever you click on links or ads to various product sites that are discussed on this web site, then proceed to make a purchase, you should assume that it will result in my earning a commission.

Questions Regarding Any Purchases

My aim when I recommend any product other than my own is to recommend to you the best products and services available. With the exception of ordering my own books directly from Quiet Place Media via, all purchases are made directly from the vendor. If you have any questions regarding any such purchases, then please contact the vendor using the contact information that you received when you made the purchase. If you have questions about any affiliations on this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact page available from the menu on this page. I’ll be happy to clarify or provide additional information if necessary.

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