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The Whipper County Gazette...

For decades Dora Mae Crawford has published the Whipper County Gazette, a small paper offering useful hints, an over-abundance of gossip, and occasionally, a little news from Morgan Crossroads, Alabama. She proclaims the Gazette to be a weekly publication, but in reality it hits Brown’s General Store, Polly’s House of Beauty, and Haley’s Grocery whenever she gets around to it. By the way, she is still slightly miffed over the demise of mimeograph machines (probably because her paper no longer smells as if it were printed in her elementary school office).

Once in a while, Dora Mae allows me to reprint an article or a story from the Gazette here.

Tractor Destroys Town Relic

Johnny Mack Durant admitted to smashing the entire left side of one of Morgan Crossroads’ most notable relics. The incident occurred on Tuesday of last week. However, other commitments (namely, the world’s worst case of [...]

The Whipper County Gazette is on its way

Dora Mae asked me to tell you that she's running a little behind getting the archives ready for you to read. As soon as she gets them to me, I'll be sure to post them.