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Whether we see it or not, I have come to believe that there is something that bonds every one of us to all else that is.

There is a connection between each of us and between us and the planet upon which we live. Something that we are born with allows us to communicate in our own unique way with the rest. Some of us are orators, vocalizing our contributions to the world. Others of us are writers or musicians or artists of other types, expressing our contributions through brushes and paint, dance, music, or the written word. For me, it is through writing. In this virtual place, I hope my expression brings joy and peace to you, wherever your physical roots are.

Once in a while, Dora Mae allows me to reprint an article or a story from the Gazette here.

Then Came Edgar is now available

Then Came Edgar, the first book in the Morgan Crossroads series of fun fiction by Tom Buford is now available for Kindle on The book will be available in paperback soon and on most ebook platforms January 1, 2019. You’ll fall in love with Morgan...

Writing from memories

Writing from memories

Some of my most vivid and joyful memories from my youth are rooted in the variety of places in which my family lived and the characters we met while there. I was born in Texas and spent most of my years growing up moving from place to place – Arkansas, Texas, New...

Living With Fibromyalgia Patients

Life has a way of presenting challenges to us that we don’t expect and aren’t prepared for. My Honey and I have been married for more than forty-four years and the past eighteen years of that marriage have seen a slow but dramatic change in the way we live our lives...

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