And you thought Morgan Crossroads, Alabama was just a sleepy little town…

What happens when the tallest man to ever grace the porch on Brown’s General Store stops for a single night in Morgan Crossroads? He and his dog Spotlight (whose parts don’t all work exactly right) move on, but not without leaving behind them the seeds that will forever change the lives of Morgan Crossroads’s most beloved residents.

Now the women hanging out at Polly’s House of Beauty have something new to talk about. Polly’s is to the women of Morgan Crossroads what the front porch of Brown’s General Store is to the men. It is gossip central. Most tales that one hears there have at least a morsel of truth in them. The trick is to figure out which do and which don’t.

Marcella, Eva Jo, Dora Mae and others have arrived in the new Morgan Crossroads series of fun fiction from author Tom Buford.

You’ll fall in love with Morgan Crossroads, Alabama. In fact, with no Walmart, a traffic light that works most of the time, and a gossip line like none you’ve ever seen, you may just decide to move there. Then Came Edgar, book one in the series is now available on Amazon.

Had enough of hyper-active city life?
Take a drive to the country.

  • Here’s your chance to visit a place that’s big enough to notice (if you were to ever drive through and happen to catch the light on red), but not large enough to need full-time police or a Walmart.

  • Don’t forget to stop by Lucy’s Cafe. Stella will make sure you’re treated like royalty. If you decide to try the best burger this side of the Mississippi, be sure to leave room for a slice of homemade pie and a glass of sweet tea.

  • At Brown’s General Store, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d somehow stepped back in time. Henry’s idea of a cash register is a pocket on his bib overalls and an old coffee can under the counter. (By the way, you might think twice about trying to use your credit cards there. Hint: Henry doesn’t trust them.)

What else?
Here’s what’s coming.

  • Book one in the series, Then Came Edgar, is available now at

  • Book two, tentatively titled An Evening in April, is well under way.

  • At least three other books are planned in the Morgan Crossroads series and will be available as soon as each is finished.

Just so
you’ll know…

There is no danger of your friends or family complaining of such things as explicit sexual situations or strong language in the Morgan Crossroads Series.

They might complain of a lack of such things, but if they do, there are other writers who gladly accommodate them.