About Tom Buford

Tom has been an avid reader since his elementary school years. In the mid-1960s his parents purchased the multi-volume World Book Encyclopedia. He remembers opening a volume and reading it, beginning on random pages. At that age there were many words that he didn’t recognize or couldn’t pronounce properly without assistance, but it didn’t stop him exploring the world through those books.

Tom Buford, authorHe was introduced to fiction as a child through authors such as Laura Ingalls Wilder and later through the variety of authors and titles that he crossed paths with when he worked in his high school’s library.

After graduation, Tom’s interest in fiction fell to the bottom of his list of priorities until 1992 when a friend introduced him to a new world of fiction and a totally new genre. Through that friend, Tom became acquainted with author Frank Peretti and his book This Present Darkness. He devoured that book and several others by Peretti.

In the years since his introduction to Peretti, Tom’s fiction interests and influences have expanded – to works by authors such as Jan Karon with her Mitford Series books, Debbie Macomber, Philip Gulley, Anne Tyler, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Garrison Keillor, Wally Lamb, and others. All have influenced his writing and his taste in reading.

Tom Buford is very happily married to his Honey, Mera, his bride of more than 46 years. He enjoys writing and is currently writing the Morgan Crossroads series of humorous, but touching fiction books. Long Time Coming and Welcome Back Mister Starnes are the first two books in that series. More are planned.

He is also the author of Living With Fibromyalgia Patients: 79 Ways to Make Their Lives Better which was written after Mera was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Life has changed dramatically for Tom and his Honey since fibromyalgia made its appearance in their family. Happy times are far from over, though. They still have fun and enjoy life. They just do it in a different way – more slow motion fun. They’ve learned new creative things to do for entertainment and have each learned much more about the other’s inner most being and thoughts than they were ever able to when life was more hectic.

Tom enjoys many areas of the U.S. – the desert southwest, the Rocky Mountains, and ocean beaches, but is happy to say he loves life and finds inspiration in rural Tennessee.


Tom's Books

Long Time Coming clean small town and rural fiction by Tom Buford

Long Time Coming

Long Time Coming is both a love story and a story of the love that residents of a small rural community can have for each other. It is the first book in the Morgan Crossroads series of clean small town and rural fiction from author Tom Buford.

Welcome Back Mister Starnes clean small town and rural by Tom Buford

Welcome Back, Mister Starnes

At times funny and at times heart-rending, Welcome Back, Mister Starnes is a story of a community coming together for a joint cause, and in the process, showing a long misunderstood man that indeed, he, too is loved.

living With Fibromyalgia Patients by Tom Buford

Living With Fibromyalgia Patients: 79 Ways You Can Make Their Lives Better

Do you wish you could tell your family and friends what life is like for you as a fibromyalgia patient? Now you can with this book written by the husband of a person in your situation.

If a person has a better day because one of my stories makes her laugh, or takes her to a place where life slows down, then I can say that my dream has come true. If a fibromyalgia patient can smile because of something her friend or mate read in my book, then I can say that I’m blessed as much as she.

– Tom Buford

Almost True Stories from Morgan Crossroas, Alabama
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