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Life has a way of presenting challenges to us that we don’t expect and aren’t prepared for. My Honey and I have been married for more than forty-four years and the past eighteen years of that marriage have seen a slow but dramatic change in the way we live our lives together. It was with my Honey’s diagnosis of fibromyalgia that that change began.

I watched her change from one who lived a vibrant, physically energetic life to a much slower pain-filled existence. I watched the way she lived and found myself changing some of the things I do so that she would be more comfortable. Over the years, a list has evolved – a list of things that we do to make life for her more comfortable. Some of them are physical, and some are more emotion based.

That list became the basis for my non-fiction book, Living With Fibromyalgia Patients: 79 Ways You Can Make Their Lives Better. If you or anyone you know is challenged by fibromyalgia and you wish your family and friends had a way to understand what you go through on a daily basis, this book could be just the thing that helps to fulfil that wish. It is available in paperback and eBook format at Amazon.